Everyone is always on some sort of fitness journey, and we all know the typical format; You’re either on the current rave diet (Keto and the likes), signed up to a bespoke weight loss program designed by the trending “nutritionists”, on an all-fruit diet, on a liquid only diet, “gyming” or just praying about it really. Keeping fit can  be really intense especially if you have limited time, so its really important to stay motivated and keep things fun. If you’re tired of your same old gym routine, here are some fun fitness activities you can enjoy right here in Lagos :


Attending a Spinning class is a fantastic way to have fun and burn calories. If you’re not familiar with Spinning, its a high intensity indoor cycling workout ( using stationery bikes). Most classes have disco lights , Music blaring and an instructor managing to move every inch of his /her body intensely while screaming out motivational chants! There are tons of spin classes all over the world and you aren’t left out of the fun if you live in Lagos, Nigeria! Ryder Lounge, located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos  is “Africa’s 1st Gamified Cycling studio”. Think Intense cardio that works your entire body, awesome music, party lights, the works!! Last I checked, your first ride is free!

Pole Dancing

Society automatically associates Pole dancing with strippers, but Pole dancing is an amazing exercise that requires intense core strength. Pole dancing helps with balance , upper body strength and co-ordination,  and is also said to bring about high levels of body confidence! Get rid of that judgemental version of yourself and try Pole Dancing here in Lagos! RedCaramelNG offers Pole dancing classes for beginners starting from N5,000.


Boxing is another high intensity cardio workout that isn’t a top option for many fitfam peeps. If you’re looking to get in shape, boxing workouts are for you (It’s also a good stress release and anger management avenue). An hour of boxing can easily burn up to 600 calories, get your heart pumping sculpt your upper and lower body. Luckily for all Lagos peeps, Elite Box Fitness is the place to go!


This is great for Self-defence but many people don’t think of it as a workout too! In Karate, an individual uses their hands, feet and elbows for self defence which helps to tone and strengthen the upper body. Collins Karate Network in Lagos is a great place to go.

Aqua Aerobics

Exercise in water is often seen to be relatively easy, and this is because the buoyancy of water lowers the impact we place on our bodies during exercise. Water Aerobics is a great form of exercise as the combination of cardio and strength coupled with water resistance gives you a great workout. SwimPro Nigeria offers swimming fitness classes .