Nigeria is stressful. There are so many frustrating things going on and it takes a lot of strength not to get overwhelmed by them. However, while you're hanging in there, here are a few tips you can employ to make the Nigerian life a bit more bearable.

  1. Join Twitter: Twitter might be the first place where bad news will start trending, but it is also a great place to read banter and have a good laugh. While you're there, please try to stay on your lane, you really don't want to be the topic of the said banter.

  2. Follow comedy pages on Instagram: They're a good distraction and might be what will momentarily save you from overthinking and high blood pressure.

  3. Refuse to be tensioned: The same Nigeria that people are saying is hard is the same Nigeria that some people are using Gucci water to bathe every day. With the growing number of people showing off their wealth on social media, it's easy to feel pressured but you don't have to. Keep your head up, keep working hard and mute anybody that is tensioning you.

  4. Go out with your friends often: It's easy to neglect our relationships while trying to cope with the hustle and bustle but sometimes our friends could be our best de-stress options. There are several places you can visit with friends and family without spending a lot of money. So go out and have a good time.

  5. Be thankful: When there's life there's hope.


Medical student, creative writer, entrepreneur. All in a particular order she's still trying to figure out. 
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