Happy New year guys!

I hope we all had fun-filled and still restful holidays. In the midst of the new year, new me excitement, let's talk about taking good care of our skin in 2019. Most of the things I'll mention are tips that you've heard before but a little reminder won't hurt, yes?

  1. Drink a lot of water: Especially now that there's harmattan in these parts. It's easier to get dehydrated as a result of the dry air and your skin is the first point of contact for this said air. In order to prevent your skin from looking like dried ponmo, please dear, drink plenty water. People say 8 glasses a day is optimal, I don't know about optimal but it is a pretty good amount.

  2. Moisturise: Another way to prevent looking like ponmo is to moisturise your skin, intensively. Now is not the time for lightweight moisturisers, bring out your oils and butters so your skin can stay supple and glowy. Beyond harmattan, make sure you moisturise properly with your product of choice.

  3. Exfoliate: Our skin cells die regularly and a lot of these dead cells stay on the surface and can end up clogging pores when they combine with dirt and sebum(skin oils). Therefore, it is extremely important to exfoliate. The type of exfoliant and frequency of use highly depends on your skin type and sensitivity. It could be store bought or the good old honey and oats or sugar mixture. Find what works for you and stick to it.

  4. Wear sunscreen: Sunscreen is gaining more popularity around here because people are starting to realise how damaging UV rays are to the skin. You can go for actual sunscreen and/or invest in face or makeup products that contain sunscreen.

  5. Eat healthy: Whatever it is that you consume definitely has a way of showing up on your skin. It could be in form of breakouts, rashes, etc, therefore, in 2019, endeavour (if you don't already) to cut back on junk and eat healthier food.

  6. Wash your face before you go to bed: This cannot be overemphasised and it applies to both men and women. Even if you left your house in the morning with absolutely nothing on your face, heaps of dirt and germs mixed with oil that your skin secreted during the day will be on your face. All that dirt can clog your pores and cause skin problems so wash your face every night and even moisturise before you go to bed.

  7. Change/wash your pillowcase often: Your pillowcase can be one of the biggest germ and dirt stores around you. You don't want to clean your face only to put it on a dirty pillowcase when you go to bed. Try to wash or change your pillowcase at least once a week.

  8. Stop touching your face: Very important! Don't spread the germs on your hands to your face; before you touch your face, make sure your hands are clean. Stop picking at your pimples too, it'll only make them worse.

Good habits require hard work and you have to be intentional about them. If there are any other tips I didn't cover, please feel free to share.

Cheers to an awesome 2019!


osayomon gaius-obaseki