There is something about special occasions and holidays that get me so excited; boy!! I get excited! I may be super shy but I get super excited for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. It’s almost like I come alive! But you know what? As much as I LOVE Christmas and the joy it brings, my fave one has to be Birthdays.

Growing up, we had this thing where were we competed to be the first to wish someone a Happy Birthday; we would stay up till midnight, super excited to be the first person to call a sibling or a parent and say the words “Happy Birthday!!! Wait, am I the first?”.  It was a game we enjoyed playing (my parents joined in on it too. However, we had this rule; whoever forgets to call or send a text on your birthday, the celebrant had to call them at the end of the day to say, “Happy Birthday”.

For me, I start to plan my next birthday a week after every birthday (weird I know). I get more excited for my birthday as I get older. I make a budget and buy myself something(s)… lol. I treat myself to dinner, spa or just stay home with family but I make sure I end the night in high spirit (as always).

Two years ago, I started the “birthday wishlist” and “countdown” idea, which I share on social media. At first the thought wasn’t to get people to buy me stuff nor was to it remind people of my birthday, I was merely being myself and I wanted to share my excitement with the world. I soon realised, my friends never got me gifts because they weren’t sure what I would like for my birthday asides food, cooking utensils or cookbooks and my wishlist was their go-to (you should try the “wishlist” idea). This year is super special and sad as I not only turn 35 but I recently lost an Aunt (whom I share the same birth month with) to cancer and I have a friend who suffers Endometriosis (and March happens to be the month of Endometriosis). My wishlist consists of super exciting gift ideas but most importantly LOVE and a Prayer, which I will share with you:

LOVE: That I may walk this earth loving wholly and undoubtedly. That I may leave an imprint on anyone I encounter so much that they would have to know me to understand LOVE. That my heart remains pure and true and that my love is never tainted and NEVER fades.

PRAYER: No one should experience the loss of a loved one, No one should witness the final breath of a loved one (it will scar you; a scar so deep, it takes finding the Lord to overcome). I pray that we find self-love and through it, self-care. That we take care of our body and mental health and love one another even when they don’t deserve it.

This month, I wish to BLEED YELLOW! I bleed yellow in solidarity of everyone suffering Endometriosis. And to this i ask, would you consider having a wishlist? what’s on your birthday wishlist?


osayomon gaius-obaseki