I’d gone for a while without a job and was now desperate for anything that wasn’t bad that would pay me. It didn’t matter that I spent years studying a professional course in school, or that there was an expectation from me to start earning a couple of thousands. I’d heard too many No’s and was at one of the lowest moments in my life financially, it was so bad I became a hermit because I mean, what outing don’t you need money for? Add on that my friends were thriving at their work. Not only was I now jobless, I had become the graduate you do not want to become after school.

Finally I got a call to come in for an interview, #thankgod. In my head it was decided, it didn’t matter what I met there, I would be going back home with that job. The witches in my father’s village wouldn’t stand a chance! Relatively speaking the interview was okay, it was nothing out of the ordinary and as you might even suspect, I was over-prepared for it. I was very confident about my chances after the interview, the only problem was I didn’t feel the excitement I was supposed to feel. My alter-worthy testimony was pretty much staring me in the face here and there was no excitement. And it wasn’t just the excitement I didn’t feel that was the problem, it was the feeling that what I was being shown about the company was an incomplete picture, but I mean, I really-really needed the job. So against my better judgement – if at all I had any at the time – I took the job.

Only two weeks in and I was beginning to see things for what they truly were, needless to say, I spent some of the most miserable months of my life at that job. With instincts I am learning that there is always an internal compass. See, dread is not the same as instinct; that you dread an unpleasant event does not mean your instinct is telling you that things will go bad, it just might be your fear of height, public speaking, or whatever it is that you fear. Instinct on the other hand bears witness to something you cannot perceive with your physical senses.

Someone explained intuition as a web of fact and feeling, which makes it all the more powerful because it’s not merely some random way of feeling that falls on you. Deep down you know the outcome, probably due to a previous experience of that nature, or your observation. You cannot afford to dismiss your instinct because they guide you to make sound – and even if only subconsciously – informed decisions for yourself. Instincts strengthen your decision making and consequently, save you from regret.

What are some of your experiences with your instinct?