I have a special place in my heart for career people with a shaky esteem, and the reason isn’t far-fetched, I was – and sometimes am - one of them. Having taken so long to recognise my value, you can imagine the level of self-doubt with which I approached work. No sooner had I taken on a job and I’d start tearing myself apart for somehow not being enough. I am learning however, that EVERYTHING STARTS WITH THE MIND , at least in terms of your output. Everything from your attitude, to how well you deliver on you duty comes down to what you believe about and expect from yourself.

As you think in your heart, so are you, which means that if you believe in yourself enough to get a project done, you will do it. There’s something that happens when your mind has decided on a possibility, you start to believe and somehow your mind obligates every part of you to make it happen. Along the way it’ll feel overwhelming but that possibility will seep into your will, then your consciousness until finally, you get the work done.

It is possible that this far into the year you do not have goals or resolutions, I am promising you though that one resolution you cannot go wrong with, is a commitment to changing your thoughts to believe that you are capable of dealing with EVERYTHING life and work hands you. The impact lasts beyond your career, it’ll influence your relationships, your interaction with yourself, and every area of your life. This is a universal truth, that when you change your thoughts you will change your life.

Speak life to yourself by repeating affirmations, have better conversations with yourself. Its not cliché, it works. Read books that affirm you, watch movies that affirm you, listen to music that affirm you, and when it comes down to it, have conversations with people that affirm you.

Everything you can become is within you, make it work for you!


osayomon gaius-obaseki