More often than not, we find ourselves with multiple tasks to complete, and little to no time. One of the main reasons why we always have so much to do and almost no time at all, is because we do the right things at the wrong time.We delay all our tasks and get caught up on Instagram, or hooked on shows, instead of finishing what we had planned to do. 

Here are 5 things i'm currently trying to do to help my ministry:

1.  Wake up early!! Its so simple, the earlier you wake up, the more time you have in the day to complete more tasks! 

2. Create a list of daily tasks and apportion a time frame to it. Our Get your Life planner is a super easy and effective way to do this 😜

3. Do not spend more than 3 hours on a single task. In my experience, 3 hours is more than enough to complete a task with 100% concentration! Your brain is super exhausted at the end of the 3 hours. 

4. Track the time you spend on your tasks everyday. Its the best way to monitor what you're spending most of your day doing, and switch things up if you need to.

5. Sleep as early as you can! If you sleep early, you'll wake up early and you'll have more time to spare during the day. Yes! its one big cycle!! 

Good Luck!! 

Hadassah Jones