Many people complain about having so much to do in so little time but is 24 hours really too small to get all your tasks done? Here are a few ways to have more control over your time:

  1. Write down your tasks and prioritise: Make a list of the things you have to do. You know the things that are most important, so put them at the top of your list and let the others follow. Seeing your tasks in one place can help you β€œget your head in the game”.

  2. Plan your day: After you have made your list and prioritized, allocate specific number of hours or a specific time of the day for executing the tasks. Make sure you give each task enough time and try your best to finish each task within the allotted time.

  3. Don't be scared to turn down extra jobs: For people that get paid based on how many tasks they execute, it is very easy to overload in a bid to make more money. However, it is likely you churn out many shoddy job executions instead of the few good ones you could have done. Sometimes it's not how much but how well.

  4. Be selective with the social invitations you accept: Weekday clubbing and bar visits are bound to reduce your productivity for the next day and inadvertently increase your workload for the day after. It then becomes a vicious cycle that is difficult to end.

  5. Rest: An overworked and under-rested person will not give his daily tasks the maximum concentration they need. So get enough rest when needed.



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